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Group Power
Each sector/group lists price change %, momentum rank and value of the last trading day. Click on the name of the sector/group to view its members.
The "Structure Update Summary" details the latest organizational revision. Visit Support - Structure for information about the construction of the industry structure.
Enter symbol or name of stock or industry.
Sector count 15 sectors
Group count 203 groups
Stock count 2281 stocks in groups, 2372 stocks out of groups
Transportation Chart Transportation+0.61%
Yield Chart Yield+0.60%
Healthcare Chart Healthcare+0.49%
Telecommunications Chart Telecommunications+0.44%
Consumer Noncyclical Chart Consumer Noncyclical+0.36%
Technology Chart Technology+0.34%
Industry Chart Industry+0.27%
Business Chart Business+0.27%
Market ETFs Chart Market ETFs+0.20%
Financial Chart Financial+0.14%
Media Chart Media+0.01%
International Chart International-0.28%
Consumer Cyclical Chart Consumer Cyclical-0.42%
Basic Materials Chart Basic Materials-0.70%
Energy Chart Energy-1.47%
Bear Basic Materials Chart Bear Basic Materials+2.05%
Paper and Lumber Chart Paper and Lumber+0.63%
Steel Chart Steel+0.33%
Chemicals  Specialty Chart Chemicals Specialty+0.15%
ETF Basic Materials Chart ETF Basic Materials-0.01%
NC Basic Materials Chart NC Basic Materials-0.06%
Fertilizer Chart Fertilizer-0.33%
Metals  Non Ferrous Chart Metals Non Ferrous-0.34%
Chemicals  Commodity Chart Chemicals Commodity-0.35%
Bull Basic Materials Chart Bull Basic Materials-1.82%
Precious Metals Chart Precious Metals-1.89%
Coal Chart Coal-2.29%
Mining  Diversified Chart Mining Diversified-2.91%
Coal Stocks (data as of 11/27/15)
Arch Coal Inc
1.10 +0.01 +0.92% 965,600 41.22% 2,342,372 +5.77% -93.82%
Natural Resource Ptnrs LP
1.73 -0.02 -1.14% 83,600 19.79% 422,538 +13.82% -81.30%
Market Vectors Coal
7.46 -0.17 -2.23% 22,800 49.05% 46,486 -4.11% -49.15%
Peabody Energy Corp
11.00 -0.28 -2.48% 482,200 46.83% 1,029,776 -2.57% -90.52%
7.48 -0.52 -6.50% 4,547,300 51.44% 8,839,874 -4.96% -77.88%

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